¡Sustentationem modi motorcycle tyresâ


Multi frequenter operam non dant in motorcycle mechanica partes sustentacionem et sustentationem ignorare Deimotorcycle coronas. They often encounter punctured and blown tires while driving, and they frequently change new tires due to premature wear. Most of the above phenomena are caused by not paying attention to the maintenance of tires. These abnormal phenomena not only cause a lot of trouble and harm to the cyclists, but also bring unnecessary economic losses. Today, I summarized some practical experience and experience in maintaining motorcycle coronas for everyone to learn from.

Motorcycle coronas are rubber products, so they are afraid of the tide and heat. Avoid long-term storage of the car in a humid place, and avoid long-term storage or exposure in high temperature environments. Tires should not come into contact with oils and other items. If such items are accidentally stuck on, they should be cleaned off as soon as possible. Otherwise, these factors will cause the tire to age prematurely. The load-bearing capacity of tires has a certain range. Overloading will inevitably lead to increased tire deformation, increased ground contact area, and accelerated wear. Being accustomed to frequent use of braking, especially emergency braking, makes tire wear even worse. Therefore, when driving, you must control the speed of the vehicle smoothly, and use the brakes as little as possible. When decelerating, try to use the throttle to control, which not only reduces the wear of the motorcycle coronas but also reduces the consumption of brake pads. Tire punctures during driving are probably something every rider has encountered, especially in unmanned areas in the suburbs. Tire punctures can be a headache. To avoid tire punctures, first try to walk the motorway and follow the wheel marks of the car.
Sunt duo dominii genera; rotae, alea, mittentes generis et genus combined. Si compensetur labore consumptis cuiusdam de sectionemotorcycle coronas is greater than the rest, it indicates that there is a quality problem with the rim. The part of the rim on the worn side must be heavier. Such rims are not suitable for continued use, and can be used if they are processed. This situation is often found occasionally in fake and inferior vehicles. In a combined rim, the balance of the rim is generally affected by the spokes. The axial runout of the outer edge side of the rim should be no more than 3mm, and the radial runout should be no more than 2mm. Otherwise, the deformed rim will deform the tire and cause irregular wear. The balance of the combined rim should be checked from time to time. If it exceeds the range, use the adjustment spoke to correct it. In addition, the two axles of the car should be kept parallel. The fit between the axle and the bearing should be tight, and the wheels should not swing. Otherwise, these factors are extremely detrimental to the life of the motorcycle coronas.
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