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Batavia ambulare non potest coronas, fere sine exceptione, motorcycles fere omnibus indigetiscoronas. Ut quantum scis de magni momenti strigare?
1.Supporting ad pondus et corpus onus et currus: Excelsus super currus et pondere corporis, curatores, sarcinas, etc., et maxime adhibet caeli pressura sunt in voluminecoronasequis ponderibus onera sustinere corpore interior proprium esse Curabitur sit amet.
Vim vi repellendi 2.Transmission braking In ut currus, nec procedere oportet transmittat viam virtute ingenii iaculis. Hoc maxime modo ad frictionem de strigare rubber. LAPSUS inueniant quod nimis est periculosum.

3. Mutare eandem directionem et currus: et conversus currus in directionem vis aut fertur per lineam rectam ad equitem sub potestate. Munus hoc maxime fit per frictionem elasticitatesstrigare rubber and the firmness of the strigare structure. Once the speed is over when turning If you quickly exceed the limit of the strigare, you will not be able to go in the direction you want to turn, which is very dangerous, so please pay attention to the speed when riding.

4. Alleviate the impact from the road surface: This is the so-called "driving comfort" performance, which can alleviate the bumpy impact caused by the uneven road surface. This function is mainly through the air volume and pressure in the strigare, the elasticity of the rubber, and the structure of the strigare. Elastic, so the strigare pressure is too high or too low will not work, please maintain the appropriate strigarepressura.

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